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Name: Ximena Alarcón

Web site: http://www.deeplistening.org/site/artists/a


I compose virtual sound environments and transform my scores in
multimedia interfaces. I am extending and re-implementing an Interactive
Sonic Environment - London Underground, which I initially built in
Director, using Lingo language.

Soon, I will launch my site that links the metros of London, Paris and
México, thus you can have a virtual journey through the sounds of these
three acoustic environments, on Internet.

As a branch of this work, I have worked a networked off-line
improvisation called "Listening and Remembering", for commuters and
their voice (in México and Paris), in collaboration with Peter

Technology for me is not a goal, but a set of powerful cultural tools to
analyse, experiment with, and extend perceptions of the world. My recent
artistic work is mainly based on ethnographic work with commuters:

I am inspired and feel encouraged with these women's work in art and

Pauline Oliveros: her outstanding work in electronic music and the
continuous innovation in the use of technologies extending her
philosophy of deep listening. 


IONE: her art, dynamic networking, stimulating women's art and power
through dream work, using telecircles. http://ionedreams.us/

Serena Alexander: Strong electroacoustic textures and gestures, clean
and master work, extending the power of her voice.

Jess Laccetti: a master blogger! http://www.jesslaccetti.co.uk

Noemí Peña: researcher in high technology to create "Custom Ceramic




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