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Sun Mar 29 19:30:28 CEST 2009


good news! Almost APO33 radios are back!!

You could listen it now with great players such as VLC, Mplayer,  
xmms...etc (Ogg Vorbis audio streaming)



LISTEN HERE : http://radio2.apo33.org:8000/radioact.ogg.m3u

RadioAct is a web radio that proposes and welcomes pieces / sound  
creations from artists or non-artists working with different thematics  
and ideas. Many points of view for many ways to listen.
Radio, the medium, is evolving. It?s primary purpose is to expose  
sound and information but it can now do this through different means,  
and it has now become possible for the listener to select the content  
of any given emission. Radioact participates in this evolution. The  
listener can chose to listen to a specific emission, or listen to  
whatever is on offer on the airways at any given moment.The program is  
made up of many different emissions, radio reportage?s, play lists  
from invited dj?s, commentary etc .

For 2009 RADIOACT propose more than 320 days of experimentale music,
electronic, noise, sound art, sound poetry, improv, philosophy,
avant-garde, orchestral, industrial, extreme punk, minimalism, art




LISTEN HERE : http://radio2.apo33.org:8000/poulpe_nantes.ogg.m3u

Le poulpe (the octopus) is an analogical and digital organism living  
in a network. Each branch constitutes a sonic installation which, out  
of a specific location, collects its own locally generated sound  
effects, transforms them via a digital automaton into a new  
arrangement of sounds. The outcome is then broadcast locally, through  
loud speakers, and on the Net, through streaming. Le Poulpe belongs in  
the city, where people live and make noise. It gives a virtual body to  
this city, expressing through sounds its invisible mouvements and its  
continuous flows. Over the Net, its tentacles collect and connect  
continuous sonic fluxes from ever changing contexts, to infiltrate and  
modify another environment.

available:  NANTES POULPE

update soon: Bourges, Marseille, Orléans...




LISTEN HERE : http://radio2.apo33.org:8000/tranzion_radio.ogg.m3u

A transition radio of movements

caught suddenly he, disappearing there?

Julien Ottavi experimenting on 06/2008:

In sinusoidal shapes, I draw a specific listening form of both  
background and mobile sounds. Paradoxical entities of calmness and  
tension are built and I discover a kind of presence in this automatic  
music, some delay and some undefined element running towards  
emptyness. A first attempt out of a few oscillators, delays and  
samplers? This month, I am trying to build a synthetic automaton (but  
no acoustic source) to create a listening mode across the listener's  
space. Since I am the first listener? I can experiment and adapt the  
outcome according to my intimate self? and then, to yours?



LISTEN APOBOT HERE : http://radio2.apo33.org:8000/apobot.ogg.m3u

Initiated by apo33, BOTs make up a virtual community, in the  
continuation of the 'POULPE' project, with a view to assemble a  
collection of entities in one location in order to diffuse their  
production to many more places. They stand for a new approach to  
digital phenomena : networks, multi motionless geolocation,  
interconnection of on-line produced or processed data, automation in  
the treatment of reality and, especially in the case of BOTs, sites  
for experiments, always accessible, and from anywhere.





APO33 COLLECTIVE RADIO with Julien Ottavi, Dominique Leroy & more!

All APO33 RADIOS are made 100% with GNU/LINUX Free Software!!

space of research and experimentation
info at apo33.org

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