[NetBehaviour] borrowers

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Mar 30 06:59:01 CEST 2009


i'm making on borrowed time.
i'm living on borrowed time.
on borrowed space i'm making and making.
soon i will lose this space and i will take my tiny house with me.
where will my tiny house go, where will my tiny house go.
i am a snail in a shell. my shell is memory.
my shell goes where my memory follows.
it never was my land or online time.
it was someone else, you were that someone else.
in my second life i have over 2000 objects in my inventory.
a for of capital in an indefinite economy.
a political economy to be sure, with borrowing and small return.
oh where will i set my little objects.
where will i pile them.
on my head i shall pile them, on my stomach i shall pile them.
i shall pile them on my left hand and my right.
i shall pile them on my left leg and my right.
on my left forearm and wrist.
on my right forearm and wrist.
before my eyes and above my skull.
beneath my left foot and beneath my right.
i shall walk among my objects and my objects shall walk among me.
may i be an object among objects and may objects be among me.
a carapace of objects new jerusalems and shangri-las.
a shield of entities breathing the vacuum of simulation.
they are my borrowers, they disappear with the flow of blood.
with the flow of blood halting, halting they disappear.
with the brain dying, cell by cell by cell, they disappear.
who will preserve them now, who will keep them forever?
who will preserve them now, who will keep them forever?

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