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Hi all

Sorry for the late entry, and not sure if other people have included
these women but would like to contribute anyway

My name:
Tracey Meziane Benson

These are but a few of the women who inspire me - so may have already
been mentioned. Also, my list is completely parochial as they are all

Linda Carroli - writer, artist and commentator

Patrica Piccinini - artist

Linda Dement - artist

Elizabeth Grosz - academic

On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 1:19 PM, dj lotu5 <lotu5 at resist.ca> wrote:
> I was so excited to see this, as I'm always filling in my students about
> ada lovelace, who seems to get left out somehow of our "introduction to
> computing and the arts" class, often, or only brielfy mentioned...
> So I signed up for the list. But I'm not a woman, I'm transgender. I
> don't identify as a man or a woman, but I guess you could say I'm mtf,
> in permanent transition. So, if you want a submission from a femme
> transgirl, here goes...
> my name - micha cárdenas
> i'm interested in the interplay of the body, technology and biopolitics.
> i did a performance called Becoming Dragon in dec 2008. just finishing
> up my mfa at ucsd, just started working in sheldon brown's experimental
> game lab.
> url - http://technotrannyslut.com | http://secondloop.wordpress.com
> inspired by... so many women, but i guess here are the main ones... many
> of whom are already probably mentioned but i can add why for me.
> avital ronell - http://as.nyu.edu/object/avitalronell.html - philosopher
> of technology, for being my friend and mentor, ever so briefly, one
> summer at EGS, and a massive inspiration who turned my whole idea of
> knowledge and thought and ways of approaching politics upside down and
> inside out. i can't even describe how much i owe to her...
> Allucquere Rosanne (Sandy) Stone - http://sandystone.com - another
> philosopher of technology, another amazing woman who i met at EGS who
> was so supportive of me throughout my 15 immersive performance of
> Becoming Dragon, being more than generous, providing guidance, wisdom
> and grounding, and for thinking through the questions of online worlds
> and gender so long before i even started considering them, and for so
> generously providing me with personal advice about transitioning that
> was so valuable to me.
> adriene jenik - http://adrienejenik.net - networked performance artist,
> creator of distributed social cinema - adriene is one of the main
> reasons i am even in grad school and decided to dedicate myself to being
> an artist and has also been so, so generous and giving throughout my
> years working with and knowing her. her warmth along with her deep, deep
> knowledge of new media art has guided me so much. she has been one of
> the main people in my life to really educate me about feminism.
> orlan - http://orlan.net/ - for not being afraid to find the limits of
> merging the body and technology, orlan is the artist who has inspired me
> most. i think her work is a shining example and challenge to artists'
> commitment everywhere.
> donna haraway - another massive inspiration for how i think about
> politics and technology and the body who's thinking on interspecies and
> transspecies relationships helped me develop my own ideas in my work.
> beatriz da costa - bioartist, interspcies collaborator -
> http://www.beatrizdacosta.net/ - for making so much inspiring bioart,
> for the brilliant, brilliant term Tactical Biopolitics, for her guidance
> in one short studio visit about Becoming Dragon which helped me reframe
> my approach to the whole project, and which has turned out to me a great
> suggestion.
> elle mehrmand - http://visarts.ucsd.edu/something-happening/?author=18 |
> http://myspace.com/assemblyofmazes (that's her band, but she's working
> on a website soon) -my closest and dearest friend right now, a brilliant
> new media performance artist and beautiful, strong, brave ally.
> subrosa - http://cyberfeminism.net/ - for their brilliant linking of
> witchhunts, queer and gender variant persecution and feminine knowledge
> production in Yes Species.
> probably not surprising, but its my personal list...
> --
> micha cárdenas
> performance / social media / public culture
> C(a)lit2 Researcher, http://bang.calit2.net
> CRCA Researcher, http://crca.ucsd.edu
> MFA Candidate, UCSD, http://visarts.ucsd.edu
> MA, EGS, http://egs.edu
> blog: http://bang.calit2.net/tt
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Tracey Meziane Benson


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