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Ruth Catlow ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
Tue Mar 31 13:45:17 CEST 2009

Hi Ann,

Thanks for the contribution: )

<<Have to say that I was a bit stunned to find myself with mails to this
list listed by Google. Wouldn't it be nice to let people know before
they are invited to join the list?>>

Thanks for flagging this up. It's a good question that, perhaps
surprisingly, hasn't really come up before on this list. We will
certainly be clearer about this in future whenever we invite people to

mails appear in Google because they are archived here

My feeling is that email discussion lists like NetBehaviour are most
valuable when they are used as semi-public fora...like an open debating
chamber in which lots of people can participate by stumbling across it,
lurking and speaking when the spirit moves them; ) but I recognise that
this is a different discussion.

Anyway thanks again,



Ruth Catlow schrieb:
> Hi Ann,
> Thanks for subscribing. Last week, in support of Ada Lovelace Day*, we
> invited all women who work in media arts and net art to join the
> Netbehaviour list and tell us about their work and that of other women
> who have inspired them in their own practice.  
> The call is open for a week between 23rd and 30th March (at midnight) at
> which point we will compile the list and feature it on Furtherfield.org
> Posts are welcome in any length, format and frequency and we are not
> worrying about repeats or gaps. We want to know why you are inspired by
> the people you are inspired by. It's especially good if you can include
> links so that if we don't know the work we can go and explore for
> ourselves.
> If you want to view all the other inspiring posts before you make your
> own you can check out the Netbehaviour archives
> http://www.netbehaviour.org/pipermail/netbehaviour/
> **Ada Lovelace Day -bringing women in technology to the fore
> http://findingada.com/blog/2009/01/05/ada-lovelace-day/ 
> sign a pledge to blog about inspirational women in tech on 24th March.
> Hope this helps,
> best things
> Ruth
> http://furtherfield.org
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> Hi,
> I feel a bit awkward, but still..
> somewhere in the many things I read about Ada Lovelace day it said that
> all those who blogged about <women and tech> should subscribe to this
> list. I did (write and subscribe) and now am confused. What are we to
> do? Send the names of those we wrote about? And then what is going to
> happen? Is it only about names, or about the blog posts? Mine is in
> German: does that make sense?
> Sorry for the confusion!
> Anne
> marc garrett schrieb:
>> Hi Rob,
>> I think in regard to individuals contributing with names already 
>> suggested, what would make it even more valid is if a small contextual 
>> reason for the suggestion is given - because we all have our own 
>> personal reasons why we are influenced by such people.
>> We can all easily add links & names, but why are we interested in them?
>> I'm still working on my own list which will be added tomorrow sometime 
>> because like many on here life is busy - sheesh, time, time, time!
>> wishing you well.
>> marc
>>> On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 10:44 AM, Ruth Catlow
>>> <ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org> wrote:
>>>> There's still plenty of time.
>>>> The call doesn't close till 12 midnight on Monday.
>>> That's a relief, as I missed the actual day due to jet lag. :-)
>>> I know some people I'm about to mention have already been covered but
>>> my personal list would be:
>>> Ada Lovelace (the original hacker),
>>> Jasia Reichardt (for Cybernetic Serendipity, "The Computer in Art", and after),
>>> Tessa Elliot (interactive multimedia artist and influential teacher),
>>> Tracey Matthieson (online multi-user VR pioneer),
>>> Susan Kare (designed the influential original Macintosh icons)
>>> - Rob.
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