[NetBehaviour] How to contribute to [Netbehaviour] ada lovelace day

Anne Roth annalist at riseup.net
Tue Mar 31 14:03:00 CEST 2009

marc garrett schrieb:
> I think that it should and it does, much thanks :-)

Hey, you aren't making fun of non-anglo accents, are you?
>  >Have to say that I was a bit stunned to find myself with mails to this
>  >list listed by Google. Wouldn't it be nice to let people know before
>  >they are invited to join the list?
> Are you saying that, if a member on Netbehaviour suggested your name for 
> the Ada Lovelace project, that they should of asked for your permission 
> first?

No, I was thinking more that if people are invited to join the list it
would be nice to add a sentence that there is a public archive which is
indexed by google.

I probably would have erased my contact info in the mail signature had I
known - but that's not a problem really. Basically I just wanted to
raise the question and suggest to change that next time.

take care

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