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ada is an inspiration as much in her foresight as in the ways she 
accomplished and implemented her ideas. going beyond the conventions 
of her days, she did not let herself being encloistered by her class 
and society, but found ways to implant her ideas into the public 

conceiving ada was my initiation to her life and work, transposed 
already to our times.

technology stems from the industrial-military complex, and what it is 
missing most, in order to be used artistically, is poetry. poetry as 
in beauty, as in emotion, as in awe.

here some contemporary artists i came across that are driven in this way:

natabor: http://www.aa-vv.org/

adriana sa: http://adrianasa.planetaclix.pt/

ursula scherrer: http://www.ursulascherrer.com/

sculptrice: http://iiie.klingt.org/sculptrice

this brings us back to nature, maybe the most compelling discussion 
we should be having, as an arrogant, snobish past is giving way to a 
growing sensation of symbiosis and the fragility of its 

a 130 year old woman was 'discovered' in kazakhstan; when asked (how? 
why? - kind of silly really; as if they were not more interesting 
points of debate) attribute humor and using grandmother's cures for 
all ills. an unbroken chain of knowledge, that women can pride 
themselves on. interestingly, it is not always adquired but can 
'feel' intuitively right.

ada is as close as it can get to adam, 'the first one', tricked out 
of paradise and innocence by the scheming eve, eager for more; our 
chastity belt ever since. this might be coming full circle..

there is a growing movement of women empowerment worldwide, which 
will make a difference, specially when the patriarchal society is 
about to wave the white flag;

like the microcredit movement or video volunteers: 

ada is not about any specific thing, she is about the 'going beyond' 
oneself to achieve something that wants to come forward. it is about 
doing the intuitive thing. names don't really matter. it is about 
communication and exchange. she developed a part of that, the growing 
'global consciousness' we call 'the net' - a tool that shrank space 
and time;

curious where it will take us..

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