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 Test_Lab: Summer Sessions

Date: Thursday September 17, 2009
Time: 20.00h
Location: V2_Groundfloor

V2_Institute for the Unstable Media
Eendrachtsstraat 10 Rotterdam | www.v2.nl

Featuring: Melissa Coleman (NL) | Tarik Barri (NL) | David de Buyser
(BE) | Introduction: Boris Debackere (BE) | Respondent: Angela Plohman (CA)


It is the end of summer, but the start of a new Test_Lab season!
Summertime for most people means beaches and barbecues, but at V2_,
three up-and-coming young artists have spent the summer developing their
art practice. During the intensive working period entitled "Summer
Sessions," each of them has collaborated with V2_’s expert developers,
project managers and curators to produce new work. The outcome of these
residencies will be the focus of a special summer edition of Test_Lab.

In the 2009 Summer Sessions, artists Tarik Barri, Melissa Coleman and
David de Buyser respectively developed projects in the fields of
augmented reality, wearable technology, and interactive organic
environments. By holding the three residencies in parallel, V2_ aimed to
promote a creative synergy between these enthusiastic young artists.

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions will show the results of this synergy through
demonstrations of the works created during the residencies and
discussion of the artists’ experiences of these intensive working
periods. As usual in V2_’s Test_Labs, the audience will be invited to
critically test the works through hands-on engagement.

To celebrate the end of the Summer Sessions, we’ll also be serving
refreshing free cocktails!

This event will be streamed live at http://www.v2.nl

For more information please contact:
Michel van Dartel
E: michel at v2.nl
T: +31(0)10 206 72 72

Test_Lab is a bi-monthly public event organized by V2_, the Institute
for the Unstable Media, that provides an informal setting for the
presentation, demonstration, testing, and discussion of artistic
Research and Development (aRt&D).
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