[NetBehaviour] bon voyage!

helen varley jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Wed Sep 2 21:10:24 CEST 2009

i've just arrived in istanbul, by plane unfortunately but i am going to 
be leaving by train to belgrade & then probably also taking the train 
from belgrade back to munich so i will happily add my travel narratives 
to yours : )

i was here less than 3 hours, & on the incredibly crowded main walking 
street iskatlal, when i was tapped on the shoulder by a fellow kiwi who 
recognised me from years ago in dunedin! so i feel at home already : ) 
then i met up with ruzgar & begum, the organisers of the /etc here, & we 
had a bit of a meeting. all seems good : )

looking forward to seeing you here ruth, have a safe & adventurous journey!

h : )

Ruth Catlow wrote:
> Hello,
> Well I am completely un-prepared for the 10 day train adventure that 
> starts tomorrow. But I do have tickets so my overland trek to Ars in 
> Linz and then on to /ETC in Istanbul with Aileen is definitely 
> happening. So many people have been interested in joining us and then 
> have been put off by the time, expense, mind-bending planning etc. and 
> right now I can't say I blame them. It does all seem really mad.
> Anyway I plan to post my ruminations on overland travel as an 
> alternative to air travel to Netbehaviour for the next 10 days. If 
> anyone else is shunning the air and crossing by land for artistic 
> purposes in the next couple of weeks perhaps they'd like to do the same.
> Looking forward to travelling with you.
> bon voyage!
> Ruth
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