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Fri Sep 4 11:29:11 CEST 2009

'The power of 8' is being exhibited at the Watermans Gallery from 26th
July and the private view of the show will be on the 22nd of
September. MzTEK is organising a group visit to the exhibition on the
27th of September. For more details on this visit

To go on your own:

40 High Street
Brentford TW8 0DS


In ‘The Power of 8’, I would like to meet the voices of concern and
the faces of gloom head on, and offer counter points by engaging
directly with people through a more participative and reflective
process. By critically examining and re-examining the normal drifts of
the current landscape, this project aims to give some of our personal
hopes and optimism, a public voice.

I will work directly with 7 participants: a mix of ‘experts’, perhaps
a scientist or a policy planner, alongside individuals from the
‘public’, for instance my neighbour two doors down, who may be a
businessperson or a charity worker. With the passing of time,
emotional attachments to temporal and spatial boundaries become
blurry, and pragmatic everyday concerns give way to fantasy. In my
conversations with the participants, my emphasis will be to keep these
boundaries grounded in realism and imagine scenarios in the near
future, which can be understood by a wider audience.

Through this project, I am interested in exploring the aspirations of
people, and would like to counter current paradigms by thinking of
alternative possibilities. Most importantly, I am interested in using
this project as a starting point in generating powerful community
responses towards the way our collective futures are constructed.

To participate, or know more email us: do at powerof8.org.uk

The outcomes of our collaborations will be exhibited at the Watermans
Gallery from 26th July, and the private view of the show will be 2nd
of September. During this period, we will invite experts and members
of the public to participate in open debates in the gallery space.
After October, the work will discursively enter the public domain, and
each collaborator will be able to have equal ownership over the
material and disseminate it in a way that suits him/her best.

Olga P Massanet

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