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Olga olga.panades at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 17:17:13 CEST 2009

SPACE STUDIOS in hackney starts the season with a good programme. I've
been posting quite a few events and exhibitions. It looks like a very
active node in this city.
Two new appointments, one weekly, the other one monthly:

++++  Open Lab +++++
Every month at SPACE!
Third Thursday evening of every month - starting 17th September

Openlab, the London-based open source art and technology collective,
presents a series of monthly workshops around creating and hacking
media using free software and tools.  Workshops include beginner and
advanced instruction in such software as PureData, Processing, and
SuperCollider, as well as using the microcontroller Arduino, general
sound hardware hacking, and more. For less than the cost of the
cinema, you can gain some valuable skills using free software! Keep
your eyes peeled for the latest information on the the workshop.

+++++ JELLY - Weekly Co-Working Event at SPACE ++++++
Every Thursday at SPACE
10am – 6pm
FREE but booking essential

Jelly is a casual co-working event which takes place in cities
worldwide where people come together (in a person's home, a coffee
shop, or an office) to work for the day.

Every Thursday SPACE media lab will open its doors to anyone who
fancies some casual co-working in a creative environment. We provide
chairs, tables, wifi and a great space. You bring what you need to
work with (laptop/mobile) and a friendly disposition.  Doors will open
at 10 am and close at 6 pm. There will be time for people to introduce
their projects / what they are doing to everybody over tea and
biscuits (or cake depending on the day).

Jelly is open to everyone - designers, developers, internet types,
artists, designers, writers and anybody who simply wants to come in
and work on something creative. No matter what you do or what you
create, you're welcome to come to Jelly and share your talent and
learn from others.

If you're interested in coming along please book a place so we know
how many people will be coming. There is only space for about 12

Olga P Massanet

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