[NetBehaviour] Technesexual Mixed Reality Performance Sunday, 6pm, Long Beach, CA

dj lotu5 lotu5 at resist.ca
Sat Sep 5 04:30:50 CEST 2009

WHAT: Mixed Reality Performance in Second Life and "Real Life", Technesexual

WHO: Elle Mehrmand and Micha Cardenas
WHEN: Sunday, 6pm, September 6th, 2009
WHERE: Cal State Long Beach at GLAMFA, map here:

On *September 6th* at 6pm we’ll be doing a new performance called
<http://www.flickr.com/photos/lotu5/sets/72157621943139937/> which we
just performed in Bogota, Colombia at the Hemispheric Institute of
Performance and Politics. Technesexual is part of Mixed Relations
<http://bang.calit2.net/wiki/Mixed_Relations> and involves a mixed
reality performance using biometrics and live audio that responds to our
movements in order to explore relationality. Upcoming performances
include Tijuana at CECUT on Oct 4th, San Francisco at Arse Elektronika,
and Montreal at Artivistic 2009. Also, Elle Mehrmand and Micha Cardenas
will be showing the video of Slapshock
<http://www.flickr.com/photos/lotu5/sets/72157620312879150/> in the
exhibition of GLAMFA.

On Wednesday, September 9th from 5-7pm, Mehrmand and Cardenas will be
speaking at a  round table about these works as well as a pervious work,
Becoming Dragon, as part of the CSULB Visiting Artist Lecture series.

Technesexual involves Mehrmand and Cardenas kissing in physical and
virtual space, while biometric sensors monitor their heartbeats,
allowing the audience in both spaces to hear their live heartbeats,
blurring the lines between the two spaces.

Slapshock is a performance using an Arduino, a Freeduino and a
Transdermal Electro Nerve Stimulation (TENS) unit in which each
performer slaps themselves, which in turn causes the other performer to
receive a painful electric shock. The performance continues as long as
the performers can tolerate the pain.

More info at the GLAMFA website. <http://www.greaterlamfa.com>



photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lotu5/sets/72157620312879150/


photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lotu5/sets/72157621943139937/

Mixed Relations Project description:

A series of performance and workshops that explore how relations between
people change in mixed realities, using the body as an instrument,  with
biometric sensors to create live audio and activate avatars in Second Life.


This project is being supported by the University of California
Institute for Research in the Arts and the Center for Research in
Computing and the Arts at UC San Diego.

Micha Cárdenas / dj lotu5 / Azdel Slade <http://transreal.org> is a
transgender artist, theorist and trickster. She is a Lecturer in the
Visual Arts department at UCSD. She is an Artist/Researcher in the
Experimental Game Lab <http://experimentalgamelab.net> at CRCA
<http://crca.ucsd.edu> and the b.a.n.g. lab at Calit2
<http://calit2.net>. Her interests include the interplay of technology,
gender, sex and biopolitics. She blogs at Transreal.org
<http://transreal.org>. Micha holds an MFA from the University of
California San Diego, an MA in Media and Communications with distinction
from the European Graduate School and a BS in Computer Science from
Florida International University. Micha recently joined the Lui
Velazquez space in Tijuana as a curator and collective member. She has
exhibited and performed in Los Angeles, San Diego, Tijuana, New York,
San Francisco, Montreal, Egypt, Ecuador, Spain and many other places.
Micha has received grants from UCIRA, calit2 and Ars Virtua and her work
has been written about in publications including the LA Times, San Diego
Union Tribune, .dpi magazine and Rolling Stone Italy.

Elle Mehrmand is a performance/new media artist and musician who uses
the body, electronics, video, photography, sound and installation within
her works. She is the singer and trombone player of Assembly of Mazes, a
music collective who create dark, electronic, middle eastern, rhythmic
jazz rock. Elle is currently an MFA candidate at UCSD, and received her
BFA in art photography with a minor in music at CSULB. Elle has received
grants from UCIRA and Fine Arts Affiliates. She is a researcher at CRCA
and the b.a.n.g. lab at UCSD. Her performances have been shown in Long
Beach, Los Angeles, Tijuana, Montreal, Dublin and San Diego.

blog: http://transreal.org

gpg key: 1024D/7E8B7A2B

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