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Tue Sep 8 10:05:24 CEST 2009

So sad, Ruth, Helen and all others assisting to the Ec Tech Carnival, I
can't attend! I enjoyed so much being in Umeås edition but the Istambul
venue clashes with job in Spain and I believed it was possible to
combine.But it seems impossible now, good luck and keep writing, Ruth!

On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 10:59 AM, Ruth Catlow
<ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org>wrote:

>  Hi all,
> and thanks for the encouragement Mark, Annie and Helen. Helen very much
> looking forward to seeing you in Istanbul and good luck with your Upstage
> preparations.
> cheers to all!
> >>London, UK to Brussels, Belgium to Frankfurt, Germany to Linz, Austria>>
> I left at 7.15am this morning. Making the journey to Linz alone- sniff! On
> arrival at St Pancras my main preoccupation was food; breakfast, lunch and
> dinner for the 12hr journey ahead of me. For the last week I had it in the
> back of my mind to pack and prepare food from our local Turkish shops, just
> as I had been wondering about an imaginative and harmless source of new
> luggage. In both cases, in the end, I turned to big brand emporiums because
> they catered to my poor planning. hmmm. Passing painlessly through customs I
> trail round the shops in a daze browsing the fiction best seller list
> (untempted) and buy medicines for potential minor ailments and discomforts,
> for sticky fingers, stale breath, dickie tummies & headaches.
> I am surprised by how full of human beings Western Europe is and how
> comprehensively our species has established itself and occupied and
> organised the landscape- agricultural or urban- for efficient systems of
> fast living. Networks of roads, electricity stations, lines and pilons along
> with the occasional smattering of wind turbines and banks of solar panels
> span the cultivated fields and vineyards punctuated by towns and towering
> modern cities like Frankfurt. Lots of people (including me) text and talk on
> their mobile phones as we go along. Once in the towns an explosion of media
> coming at you from every surface and through the earwaves. So many of us -
> all living such hungry existences.
> In the course of chatting with two fellow travellers, one a trader in old
> coins from Boston, and the other a Psychology student from Vienna it becomes
> clear that they equate flying long distances with all good things in life
> and that they plan to do a lot of it in the near future. Ironically taking
> to the sky may be the only way most people (in the West anyway) get to
> experience wilderness of any kind.
> It was great to get here and be met by Aileen and Peter at the station. Now
> to Ars Electronica's 30 year celebration festival
> http://www.aec.at/humannature/en/ themed 'Human Nature', which they
> introduce as follows
> "We are entering a new age here on Earth: the Anthropocene. An age
> definitively characterized by humankind’s massive and irreversible
> influences on our home planet. Population explosion, climate change, the
> poisoning of the environment and our venturing into outer space have been
> the most striking symbols of this development so far."
> ...and perhaps some planning for the journey ahead.
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> Well done Ruth,
> It's a brilliant idea and excellent that you're talking about how hard it
> is to actually do all of this as well. It would be wrong to just say it had
> been done and not discuss the factors involved. The most I'm managing right
> now is cycling to my residency in Coventry on a borrowed bike. And not
> then, managing everyday. That sounds like a flippant thing to say, but once
> you start to think about what might be done to make a difference, it all
> starts to factor in. Even cycling has it's issues!
> Looking forward to your posts. Have fun in Linz and Istanbul. Am really
> grumpy I couldn't get there this year!
> M
> 2009/9/2 Ruth Catlow <ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org>
> Hello,
> Well I am completely un-prepared for the 10 day train adventure that starts
> tomorrow. But I do have tickets so my overland trek to Ars in Linz and then
> on to /ETC in Istanbul with Aileen is definitely happening. So many people
> have been interested in joining us and then have been put off by the time,
> expense, mind-bending planning etc. and right now I can't say I blame them.
> It does all seem really mad.
> Anyway I plan to post my ruminations on overland travel as an alternative
> to air travel to Netbehaviour for the next 10 days. If anyone else is
> shunning the air and crossing by land for artistic purposes in the next
> couple of weeks perhaps they'd like to do the same.
> Looking forward to travelling with you.
> bon voyage!
> Ruth
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