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Is that some mistake?We've receive this mail at  least 20 times!
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> Mr and Mrs Smith would like to invite you for dinner and aperitifs.
> AT HOME WITH MR AND MRS SMITH is a collaboration between Birgitta
> Hosea and Matt Wicks in which they perform live through cartoon
> avatars as part of the UpStage 090909 Festival. Loosely inspired by
> Ionescu's 'Bald Primadonna', this cyberformance invites audience
> participation to explore the random and meaningless nature of polite
> conversation.
> Performance times: 10am, 4.30pm (tbc) and 9.30pm (UK time GMT)
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> 090909 UPSTAGE FESTIVAL 9th September 2009
> 13 live online performances devised by artists traversing 9 different
> time zones
> SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: http://upstage.org.nz/blog/?page_id=463
> Watch live performances on the internet! No need to download any
> software - uses your standard browser and Flash Player. Live links to
> the stages will be accessible from the UpStage web site on 09
> September; online audiences just need to click the link to attend!
> UpStage is an Open Source, web-based platform that enables people
> anywhere in the world to participate in live online performances,
> created in real time by geographically dispersed performers.
> Audiences interact through a text chat tool. The players use images,
> audio, video and text to create the performances, operating "avatars"
> - graphical characters that move and speak aloud. The performances
> are accessible to anyone with an internet connection and browser.
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