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Furtherfield Blog - Recent Posts of Interest on Media Art Practice and

A shared space for personal reflections on contemporary art practice as
part of life:
living it, breathing it, making it, curating it, translating it.

A selection of recent Blog entries below,
to read more visit - http://blog.furtherfield.org

Ruth Catlow.
Overland: the first leg to Human Nature.

As part of honouring a pledge made with Marc Garrett 'We Won't Fly For
Art', http://www.pledgebank.com/wewontflyforart/ - Ruth has actively
taken on the difficult task of choosing alternative ways of getting to
Ars Electronica's 30 year celebration festival in Linz, Austria and The
Eclectic Tech Carnival in Istanbul, Turkey. Overland: the first leg to
Human Nature, is her 1st written account of this 10 day journey from
London and back which also includes video entries uploaded from her
mobile phone.

Helen Varley Jamieson.
Outside ISEA.

Helen, visiting the UK, Island, Austria and Turkey has undergone a long
period of travel from New Zealand. On her blog you can read various
journals about her visit to ISEA 2009 (Inter-Society for the Electronic
Arts). Return again to catch up with her soon to be uploaded experiences
of her visit to Ars Electronica and The Eclectic Tech Carnival.

lists, boards, friends + feeds (PART IV).

Jon continues to enthrall us with intellegent and imaginative blog
contributions which not only contain detailed studies on the history of
media art and net art and Internet mailing list culture, but also thrown
into the heady mix, are some beautiful visuals worth hanging on any
wall. Visit and explore his series' of 'lists, boards, friends + feeds'.


More about The Furtherfield Blog:
This multi-blog is a place to intuitively explore media arts and related
practices, together, as it occurs, to develop understanding and to
learn, without any pressure to formulate conclusions, it is about
experience and process, the bits in between. Set up in Autumn 2006,
initially as a place for informal, day to day exchange between members
of the Furtherfield.org team, including editors/reviewers. We soon
discovered this format suited some people more than others and are now
open to new contributors. The blog is not intended as a platform to
promote particular projects. Instead it invites individuals to explore
their own perspectives on their own terms; personal thoughts, emotional
responses and critical intentions rarely publicly discussed elsewhere.

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