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Wed Sep 9 15:00:17 CEST 2009

Hi NBs

Thanks for waves and encouragement folks : ))))))))))))))))

First, and out of order, a couple of bulletins
There were dramatic thunder storms here in Istanbul last night followed
by terrible news of at least 40 deaths due to 'freak' flooding across
Turkey http://tinyurl.com/mva84s 
This Open Letter from Resistanbul poses a friendly challenge to
participants, artists, curators and organisers of the Istanbul Biennial

>>>Overland from Linz: lowish-tech techniques for overland blogging>>>>>

One thing I hadn't really resolved before undertaking this overland trek
(as an experimental realisation of We Wont Fly For Art) was how to keep
in regular contact without buying shiny new connective consumer
technology. I am carrying a recycled laptop with a battery life of about
10 minutes and a year old mobile phone with camera and video- my feeling
is that this should be good enough. 

So two techniques:- 
1) back-blogging which involves jimmying the publish date on the blog -
employed here http://blog.furtherfield.org/?q=node/300  to maintain the
time-flow of my reporting and cope with restricted access to electricity
and too many interesting people to talk to ; )
2) parasitical reblogging (see future posts)- ArtsCatalyst's curator,
Rob La Frenais joined Aileen and I between Linz and was equipped to
twitter, tweet and blog as we went. So in the next post I will retweet
our journey from Rob's perspective.

I spent a couple of days (Friday to Sunday) in Linz and enjoyed meeting
folk gathered for Ars Electronica (more to follow about this). It was
great to meet again with Ushi from Servus http://core.servus.at - still
doing great work. I also especially enjoyed the beautifully put
together, multi-curated "See this Sound: Promises in Sound and Vision"
exhibition at Lentos http://www.lentos.at/en/45_1769.asp which showed
what really good Media Art curation looks like. It includes wonders like
Laurie Anderson's 'You move through me' in which visitors convey the
music embedded in a table along the hollows of their arm bones through
their elbows directly into their heads. Other highlights included Adrian
Piper's 'Funk' (lessons in dancing funk), Nam June Paik's 'Random
Access', the score for 'Water Music' by John Cage, David Rokeby's audio
installation of 'Very Nervous System', video installation of activist
expressions and gestures by Ultra-Red and more by Throbbing Gristle and
Dan Flavin with Patti Smith. I had an hour and a half and could have
spent at least double that.

On Saturday and Sunday Aileen and I got prepared for our 36 hour
non-stop trip to Istanbul. We bought travel pouches to keep our
valuables on us. We were unable to book a sleeper between Sophia and
Istanbul as the system is not yet digitised and so works on a
first-come-first-served system in which you pay the conductor on
boarding the train. We bought Turkish Currency, gathered books (for me,
Alan Garner's Thursbitch and Gerald Raunig's Art and Revolution) and
shopped for food and drink that was tasty, nourishing and treaty: wine,
water, various dry cracker-type things (rye, rice and wheat-based) and
spreads (hummous, pate and fish-spreads), a cucumber, a red pepper,
chocolate, biscuits, nuts and fruit. 

We boarded the train in Linz rather anxious, double checking timetables,
texting loved ones and wondering what crucial things we might have

We Won't Fly For Art!
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