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Hi all..here there and everywhere !

For your reading listening pleasure there is a new issue of  
furthernoise.org online !
Range of reviews below.


Furthernoise issue September 2009

"Audiobulb profile" (review)
Audiobulb is a Sheffield-based exploratory music label promoting the  
cause of innovative electronica. Label curator, David Newman, has  
overseen a flurry of activity over the past couple of years, and this  
profile features four of Audiobulb's most recent releases, from a  
location-inspired compilation to a work driven by an experimental  
sound generator.
review by Alan Lockett

"Christian Vasseur – Poèmes Saturniens and Alam" (review)
Christian Vasseur is a French guitarist who works with a range of  
instruments. His work is inspired by impressionist composers like  
Debussy, as well as more contemporary musicians and progressive rock  
bands.Poèmes Saturniens (Conch 002) and Alam (Conch 003) are two of  
his releases on Humming Conch.
review by Alex Young

"Essay: Capitatio Benevolentiae - Piracy, Capital, and the Culture of  
Digital Sound - Frank Rothkamm" (review)
The piracy of digital sound content is an act of trade, an exchange  
between the creator of sound recordings and the listener thus defined:  
The creator gets nothing and the listener gets everything. But the  
accumulation of digital capital is different from that of its material  
counterpart; there is no intrinsic value in digital capital.

Photograph - Glenn Wolsey
review by Frank Rothkamm

"Fast Falls the Eventide by Dead Voices on Air" (review)
Dead Voices on Air, was originally a trio consisting of Scott Harker,  
Clancy Dennehey, and ex-Zoviet France’s Mark Spybey. Fast Falls the  
Eventide marks DVOA’s 11th album where now we find Spybey solely at  
the helm. This ship sails the waters off a strange musical continent,  
a land where world music fuses disembodied, electronic-rumbling drones  
inside vast reverberant architectures.
review by Derek Morton

"Luminous Air and Delicate Accidents" (review)
A delicate rice-paper cover for a clear vinyl release is the maiden  
release for Tobira Records. New Works for Processed Electric Guitar  
presents a shimmering soundscape with elusive harmonies from Richard  
Lainhart and a warm, prickly cloud of gently swirling melodic lines  
from Japanese guitarist Hakobune.
review by Caleb Deupree

"noise=noise - The Basement Series" (review)
Submerged in the basement vault of a pub in central London every  
Wednesday night in August, noises began to crackle, and light began to  
spark for noise=noise's The Basement Series. Featuring over forty  
international and UK artists from a wide range of practices and  
backgrounds, it was set up and run with absolutely no funding or money  
involved what so ever.
review by Ryan Jordan

"XVI Reflections on Classical Music - Various" (review)
Musical genres as any aficionado will tell you have historically grown  
out of a reaction to the fetishism of the previous era. Whether it be  
the quest for balance and harmony emanating from the disjointed ashes  
of Baroque or Debussy's longing for dissonance from the melodic  
sentimentalism of Bedřich Smetana, they all tend to be motivated  
by periodical ennui of what has gone before.
review by Roger Mills

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