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helen varley jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Fri Sep 11 10:09:42 CEST 2009

it's going well, thanks marc : )  ruth gave a very good talk yesterday 
about the zero dollar laptop, which evolved into a good discussion, but 
alas she had to rush off to catch the bus to sofia (trains disrupted by 
the flooding). we're all sad that she had to leave so soon!

we also had a good session on internet security, learning about tor 
project which reroutes your traffic around different nodes so that 
no-one can see where you're coming from. its usefulness was really 
clearly demonstrated,  as here in turkey sites like youtube & ustream 
are blocked by the government. but when i actived tor in my browser, i 
was able to get to those sites : )  the only downside is it makes it 
very slow.

we also learned about email encryption using GPG & enigmail - i didn't 
get time to download & install those yet, but eventually ... !!!

in the evening some of the group went to exhibition openings, as it's 
the start of the bienale here; but by 8pm i was feeling the after 
effects of the 090909 marathon & came back to the hostel for an "early" 
night - by the time i'd finished emailing etc it was nearly midnight ...

back into it today!!!
h : )

ps - flooding has not affected us other than train travel.

marc garrett wrote:
> In contrast to the more sentimental home-kittenz chosen in the last
> posts, I can see that the local Istanbul moggy enjoys reading a few books...
> How is it all going at the Eclectic Tech Carnival by the way?
> Here's a link I read the other day about it
> http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/n.php?n=electric-carnival-2009-08-20
> marc


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