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Sat Sep 12 12:38:28 CEST 2009



September 12- 19, 2009

Riga, Empty shops on the main shopping streets, former VEF factory, old
part of city

'Survival Kit' is an art project, in whose framework artists are asked
to reflect upon a variety of survival strategies in the modern world.
Currently, this theme is actively preoccupying the minds of the global
community and it has also become especially topical in Latvia. The
present situation is characterised by the fiasco of liberal capitalism,
the collapse of the economy, threats to the ecology and escalation of
regional conflicts. Waking up from a perpetually cultivated euphoria
causes re-evaluation of habitual system of values and reconsider „the
sense of life'. The world is experiencing huge changes, but it is not
clear whether they are for better or worse.

The absence of either clear vision or a prognosis for the future
increases uncertainty and paralysis. So what is the scenario for future
developments? There are various options available; hopelessness and
total crisis, or creative approaches and the opportunity, through
experimentation, to give the present situation a new and positive quality.
What can artists do in this situation? Develop adventurous experiments
and iniciate creative explosions to use advantage of the present
situation. If there isn't an appropriate moment for heroic narratives
and representative events they could focus on exploration of everyday
poetics, marginal footnotes, spontaneous manifestations and
interventions. With minimal resources they could achieve surprising
results by implementing DIY praxis, arte pover, ready made resources,
performance and other activities, which will provide the basis for a
collective experience. The artists are invited to contribute unusual
strategies, innovative suggestions or unusual recipes for the survival
kit that would help us to cope with the present situation.

The artists are invited to focus on the changes in the city's
environment, to meet in creative ghettos, where the artistic spirit is
still alive. To occupy the empty shop spaces and fill the void, created
by the economic crisis, with creative energy. They should act as mobile
units which could actively respond to changes in the situation or, the
exact opposite; they could create a safe haven, in which to weather the
hard times. Perhaps it is just the right time to stop, escape from
„workaholism', find time to reflect and realise that the economy must
become ecologically sound, food must be healthy, industry must be
efficient and effective, and politics must be transparent and responsive
to the community.

Exhibition will be opened on September 12, 2009 in Riga as one of the
main events within Riga White Nights programme.

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