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Hi Chris,

this looks fascinating...and sort of local to us at Furtherfield/HTTP
too. Will do my best to make it along.
: )

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if:book, the think and do tank exploring the future of the book in the
digital age presents the launch of our FICTIONAL STIMULUS at THE MOORS
BAR in Crouch End, London on Tuesday 22nd September from 7.30 - 11.00
which has big screens and wi-fi, serves drinks and good food. Entry is

Come and see animated poems, readings of future fictions including
extracts from new work by Cory Doctorow, Naomi Alderman, Kate Pullinger,
join the debate about where the book goes next. Bring your laptop if you
want, to tweet, surf, chat and write together, then join our online
reading experience. The evening will be hosted by Chris Meade and Toni
Le Busque.

Do come along if you live nearby, and wherever you are in the world, go
to http://www.fictional-stimulus.ning.com and sign up to partake of
if:book's fictional stimulus, a month-long introduction to digital
reading, hosted by Kate Pullinger, designed and curated by Toni Le
Busque, Chris Meade and Sasha Hoare.

Chris Meade
The Future of the Book

tel: 07968 018115
chris at futureofthebook.org.uk
twitter: ifbook

magical musical graphical digital fiction: www.insearchoflosttim.net
experiments in reading:

"the literary think-tank if:book is exploding the confines of print" - WIRED UK 
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