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Led by Martin Howse

A series of two 3-day investigations within complex city-wide spectral
ecologies constructed through subtle interactions between electrical
and magnetic fields (EMF) emitted by all electrical equipment,
physical materials, communication technologies (wireless networks,
mobile phone networks, RFID, television, radio, radar), power lines,
biological phenomena, and geological properties in Newcastle upon Tyne
& Dundee, UK.

SERIES I. The Courier's Tragedy
24, 25 & 26 September 2009 \\ Venue t.b.c [Newcastle upon Tyne]

The Courier's Tragedy is concerned with a submission of the medium
enacted by both ancient and contemporary communication systems. The
messenger is rendered redundant (literally killed) on delivery; the
message is that which really matters. The carrier can be discarded in
favour of a meaningful signal, and this is precisely what all radio
apparatus enacts, equally eliminating noise and uncertainty. Expanding
a clear concern with electromagnetic [EM] phenomena as a question of
substance, and extending the spectrum of artistic concerns to embrace
modern data space, this workshop attempts to bridge this impossible
divide between the physical (waves) and the protocol (code); asking
how, within complex spectral ecologies, it is possible to examine and
embrace both the carrier and the signal, to observe the subtle
interactions and inherent abstractions? In this context, such an
examination becomes a manner of revealing; revealing another city,
revealing new modes of communication and transmission (hidden

SERIES II. Wave-length
29, 30 Sept & 1st October 2009 // Mills Observatory [Dundee]

Wave-length proposes an open exploration of the physical
characteristics of various wave phenomena: sound, light and radio,
with the latter two encompassed under the heading of electromagnetism
[EM]. Wavelength in all instances has a direct relationship to
oscillation and thus frequency, to resonance and to any form of change
in time and in space. In the case of radio waves, wavelength is
translated into a highly physical architecture of antennas, dishes and
arrays approximating patterns of reflection and refraction.

Whispering galleries and sound mirrors provide inspiration in the
audio realm. These fields can also be mapped to the microscopic, with
diminishing wavelengths, microwaves, leading into a light which
literally colours perception. Wave-length acts as a guiding principle
of scale and measure with detection or exploration determined by the
quasi-scientific expansion of sensory apparatus.

The wave-length workshop will explore both sound and EM phenomena from
a spatial perspective: the construction of a landscape of antennas,
oscillators and detection or measurement devices using simple
materials. The workshop will close with a final performance from

MORE INFO: http://ptechnic.org/ecologies/spectral/spectral.html

Olga P Massanet

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