[NetBehaviour] Call for Essays for a Collected Volume: Who Will Watch the Watchers?

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Call for Essays for a Collected Volume: Who Will Watch the Watchers?
Surveillance Societies and the Price of Security

Editors:  Lee Quinby and Sylvia Tomasch

This volume of collected essays from various interdisciplinary
perspectives will address crucial questions about how much we as
individuals and members of society are willing to “pay” –
economically, ethically, and politically – in order to attain

We invite submissions from a variety of disciplines and theoretical
approaches that focus on the costs of surveillance, understood not
merely in financial terms and risk assessment but in regard to
tradeoffs of freedom and exchanges of power.  What are the foremost
tensions between security and surveillance?  Who will watch the
watchers?  What forms of resistance have been and might be mustered
against intrusions by monitoring agencies?

We are interested in essays that cover historical instances and those
dealing with recent modes of surveillance made possible by the growth
of networked computer databases. Essays that take into account shifts
stemming from changes in various countries and transnational entities
employing new digital technologies as well as those that focus on
historical precedents and parallels are particularly welcome. We urge
analysis that goes beyond critiques of surveillance per se to explore
modes of assessment that also take into account possible benefits.

Please send hard copy submissions of essays no longer than 35
double-spaced manuscript pages (including notes) to:  Watchers, attn:
Michael Teitel, Macaulay Honors College, CUNY, 35 West 67th Street,
New York, NY  10023.

For questions, write: lee.quinby @ mhc.cuny.edu or sylvia.tomasch @

Deadline for submissions: October 15, 2009


Olga P Massanet

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