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EXHIBITION: Chasing Stillness
WHEN: 28th August 09 - 24th October 09

"You can persue your desire for slowing down your bustling everyday
life in the new exhibition Chasing Stillness by boredomresearch.
Discover the universe of the seldom songs of the whirligigs and
observe the transmission of emails in real snail speed." Susanne
Massmann, [DAM]Berlin

Catch boredomresearchs' latest computational systems in their solo
exhibition Chasing Stillness at [DAM]Berlin until the 24th October
2009. Their new artworks Lost Calls of Cloud Mountain Whirligigs have
a cycle where it gradually shifts from daylight to nighttime. It is
the first time boredomresearch have used lighting in a system which
really affects the Whirligigs appearance and their environment. At
nighttime the lights have a moonlike quality and occasionally a
Whirligig’s colours are electrified by the light. Slowly the lights
move along the cables from the right to the left computational
systems; lighting the colours of the Whirligigs propellers and nose

Over the last couple of years boredomresearch have been learning
Blender a 3D application. Creating 3D models and then exporting
components of these models with different textures, then recompositing
them within a 2D system. Lost Calls of Cloud Mountain Whirligigs is
the first computational system they have created which uses this
technique. The Whirligigs have a certain lifespan and when this ends a
new generation of bots are created, compositing different textures on
their propeller’s and nose cones.

With the majority of boredomresearchs' other computational systems
there is always movement from the Biome creatures who seem to be
endlessly perpetual to the springtails in their Ornamental Bug Gardens
which continually ping. In these new artworks boredomresearch are
interested in there being moments of stillness, where the viewer has a
sense of anticipation when watching the bots. When the Whirligigs are
still they can start to go into hibernation mode where they start to
close their propellers and go to sleep. During this mode the
propellers turn in and the colours are more subdued. Once they are
awakened they open their propellers and their vibrancy contrasts to
their subtle hibernation colours.

Each Whirligig has a unique song, occasionally they call out. Their
environment seems like its out of reach with cables high above a
mountain. When the Whirligigs perch on the high wires they seem lost
and often restless and their melancholy calls feels like they
searching in their abandoned world.

boredomresearch are also exhibiting an installation version of Real
Snail Mail (the world's first webmail service to use live snails) in
the Chasing Stillness exhibition. Visit [DAM]Berlin to watch the six
new Snail Agents (aka Ada, Fritz, Edith, Engelbert, Heinrich &
Wolfgang) delivering emails at a snail's pace....If you can't make it
to Berlin you can always follow the progress of the new additions at

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Olga P Massanet

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