[NetBehaviour] 9th edition of the DICTIONARY OF WAR (NY).

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Sep 23 18:33:44 CEST 2009

9th edition of the DICTIONARY OF WAR (NY).

Saturday, September 26th
2009, at Columbia University, New York.

After editions in Frankfurt Staedelschule, Munich Muffathalle, Graz
steirischer herbst, Berlin Sophiensaele, Novi Sad studio m, Gwangju
biennale, Bolzano manifesta, and Taipei biennale, we are very glad to be
hosted by the "Cities and the new wars" conference that Saskia Sassen is
organizing on Friday and Saturday.

For the New York edition of the DICTIONARY OF WAR 15 guests have been
invited to present a concept that plays a crucial role in the
contemporary discourse of war and urban spaces. Such a concept might be
a term that needs to be newly created, it can be one that has been
neglected so far, or one that needs to be re-invented.

Speakers at the 9th edition of the DICTIONARY OF WAR are: Ted Byfield
(Parsons, The New School for Design), Tony Conrad (University of
Buffalo, New York), Susan Crile (Artist, New York), Ashley Dawson (CUNY
Graduate School), James Der Derian (Brown University), Fiona Jeffries
(CUNY, Graduate Center), Danny Kaplan  (Tel Aviv University, Israel),
Jennifer S. Light (Northwestern University), Suketu Mehta  (New York
University), Rosalind C. Morris  (Columbia University), Richard Sennett
(New York University and London School of Economics), Ida Susser and Jan
Schneider (CUNY Graduate Center) Gar Smith (Environmentalists Against
War), Gediminas Urbonas (MIT, Visual Arts Program).

What is at stake is the unsettling of notions of war instead of a
pacification of meaning that only re-affirms the unbearable status-quo.
If it is the case that there is increasingly less difference between war
and non-war, that war is the constitutive form of a new order, that war
is perpetual and everywhere, then it becomes essential to desert from a
war of words which can no longer be challenged or even critisized.
Instead, what seems urgently needed are new vocabularies, new
terminologies that by abandoning old certainties are capable of grasping
changing realities and addressing uncharted problems.

DICTIONARY OF WAR is characterized by its openness towards all sorts of
formats, genre, media and conceptual approaches. Rather than defining
consensus and limiting meaning, DICTIONARY OF WAR is about a
non-uniform, many-voiced, asymmetric, and deregulated production of
concepts as the tools with which to attain new ideas.

DICTIONARY OF WAR is a performance and a production space at the same
time: The concepts will be presented in 20-minutes time slots, in
alphabetical order and without a break; they are recorded in a
television studio setup, encoded in real-time and published on the


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