[NetBehaviour] rababblon.mp3

james morris james at jwm-art.net
Thu Sep 24 02:50:46 CEST 2009


a quick track made tonight in a couple of hours.

started by playing Alan Sondheim's


on the command line and then while listening looking at what else i'd
downloaded and lo-and-behold there was


so i decoded them using the --decode commandline option of lame and then
imported the resulting wav's into ardour2. thinking of course i can't
be satisfied with just this mix despite being satisfied on the command
line with the result of playing both simultaneously i loaded up yoshimi
- an experimental version of zynaddsubfx exploring how functioning JACK
output might be implemented which i incidentally helped debug a couple
of weeks ago and found a noise preset in the patch bank. i could not
help myself playing with the noise and eventually arrived at something
more like an instrument with distorting fx applied to it and played it
and liked it even more than


and recorded it in a new playlist on the track which i'd originally
placed the --decode wav of


next i got some drums from hydrogen and connected it up to jack-keyboard
and randomly played drums with the mouse and liked it but instead made a
bus of fx and put it through that and instead played the rhythm patterns
in hydrogen which i made ages ago and are still there because i've not
done anything with it for ages and played with the bpm and recorded
another take of me doing that.

i'd already done the strings at that point.

then i put alan sondheims


back into the mix but with reverb.

lately i've been working in a wharehouse which sends out furniture and
stuff for schools and primary schools. the work mainly consists of me
standing in the back of a big trailer and either loading the big boxes
onto a belt which takes them out of the trailer or loading them off of
the belt and stacking them up to the roof. i get him with salty
sweatmarks on my tshirts frequently though not every day. today i felt
like never going back there again, and while i was at it never going
back the plastic punnet factory. because i was fucking knackered and it
had been me in the trailer because i'm at the bottom cos i'm agency
and my arms ache from all the lifting and my wrists ache from repetitive
strain sinnydrome from lifting and the other week i had to not go to
work because when i was drying my hair my back went, upper back....

but i got over never wanting to go back and got on with it the job after
sitting on my arse for a while while i waited for the picks to come down
the belt staring out the trailer into the wharehouse looking at the
racking with stacks of boxes on pallets reaching up high around 20ft
into the roof and it was beautiful. the floor of the trailer and the
walls are beautiful too. they have so many scrapes on them and graffiti
and textures and light comes in and stuff and i could take photos of it
if i had a camera and had no fear about what they might think.

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