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RomaEuropa Web Factory's second edition is about to start up.

REFF attended the press conference held at the Opificio Telecom in Rome, on
Wednsday September 16h 2009, to check out the informations that were being
diffused on the web about the innovations of this year's edition of the
Fondazione Romaeuropa's networked competition.

While watching the press conference, it seemed as if we were looking in the
mirror. Because RomaEuropa WebFactory 2009/2010 edition is actually
indistinguishable from last year's RomaEuropa FakeFactory!

* Open licenses.
* The works are remixes of existing ones.
* Democratic voting.
* Experts and academics evaluating the submitted works through their reviews

All of these things are going to be included in this year's RomaEuropa
WebFactory, whose structure, thus, becomes indistinguishable from the

And there's more.

Beatpick. Beatpick is part of REFF, and they are the main partner form the
music section (100Samples). Beatpick has been called to manage RomaEuropa
WebFactory's music section for this year's competition.

Summing up: same rules, open lincenses adoption, same practices, and even
our main music partner handling the music section.


We think that this is a great victory.

RomaEuropa WebFactory adopted all of the instances suggested by REFF's
critique. And we're happy about it.

And we even got proper credit for the effectiveness of our action: REFF was
mentioned multiple times during the press conference as the main factor
bringing on this year's change.

It's not over, yet.

REFF project goes on by producing about 3 minor events by the end of the
year, with one to present the publication that includes the academic
productions of our scientific committee.

And then, in 2010, we'll have an enormous initiative. But we'll leave it as
a little suspence for the next few days. :)

Stay Tuned!
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