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Sun Sep 27 19:59:03 CEST 2009

mussys at debmus:~$ dict gem
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quit/finish level
        y - yes
            start replay from first move

        n - no
            quit out to level menu

        c - continue
            stop replay and continue playing the level

        s - save
            save the replay

introduce 'breakpoints' so that replay will stop when
it reaches a breakpoint (a replay move or'd with 'breakpoint' value).

press b during playing the game to set a break point.

so now:

1) quit - press q to quit, -or- replay - press r to replay?

2) a replay menu
    yes     -   yes show replay?
    no      -   no... what then?
    play    -   game or replay?
    continue-   playing game or playing replay?
    start   -   s to start?
    save    -   s to save?
    stop    -   s to stop replay and play game?

place less emphasis on replay menu and still have it as
a question . . .

        key   txt               when?

    replay?                     quit or level finished

        y - yes                 always
        n - no and quit         always
        p - play game           unless both players dead
        c - continue replay     replay interupted by breakpoint or menu
        b - remove breakpoint   replay interupted by breakpoint
        s - save replay         always

two routes to replay menu

1) select level, play game: quit || complete level || both dead
        replay menu

2) load replay
    replay: quit replay || breakpoint reached || replay finished
        replay menu

play_xor || replay_xor   (PXL_FROM_START||PXL_CONTINUE)
  \_replay_menu  (RMC_GAME_PLAY)


level menu

a) play a level
b) load a replay

    to flow control


        if load_replay {
            play level

        do replay_menu

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