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Wed Sep 30 21:59:17 CEST 2009

RE: Game of War Weekend by Class Wargames at HTTP Gallery...

Just a quick message of 'thanks' to all those who managed to come along 
to the Game of War Weekend, presented by Class Wargames 
(http://www.http.uk.net/events/gameofwar/) this Saturday 26th & Sunday 
27th September :-)

Stewart Home has already written about his own experience of the event. 
Thanks Stewart :-)

"Yesterday I travelled to the far-north of London to catch the world 
premier of the Class Wargames film The Game Of War at the HTTP Gallery, 
close to Green Lanes..." http://stewarthomesociety.org/blog/?p=2562

We will keep everyone posted about the film and images of the event.

We also still have some copies of 'A Game of War' by Alice Becker-Ho and 
Guy Debord left. We sold a few at the event and have 4 books left. So, 
if you want a copy for £17 contact Ale at furtherfield.org

Link to the publisher for more info:

By for now & wishing all well.

Furtherfield crew...

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