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dave miller dave.miller.uk at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 16:00:16 CET 2010

Hi marc and ruth,

I really enjoyed the Saturday afternoon DIWO event. It was nice and
relaxing, and great to see everyone.

After Ruth gave me some encouragement, which I always appreciate, I've
made another episode of the political hairdresser:


Hope you all enjoy it!


On 31 January 2010 12:42, marc garrett <marc.garrett at furtherfield.org> wrote:
> Disassembly Event Update...
> Firstly, we wish to thank all those who took part in the 'Do It With
> Others (DIWO) at the Dark Mountain'.
> Yesterday Saturday 30th Jan, At 3 pm - at the gallery, various people
> came along and personally chose pieces of 2d artwork, to be sent to
> others via post (snail mail). We had already received about 20 emails
> from allover the world, who wished to have works sent to them.
> It was a lovely atmosphere, many spent time in the show looking,
> listening, experiencing the works. There was much conversation about
> various aspects of the project and works exhibited.
> Along with the actual works put into envelops for posting, was the print
> outs of the initial discussion we all had at the beginning of the
> project which took place on the list. Many may remember that we printed
> out the discussion on a dot-matrix printer, as part of the exhibition.
> Many will be receiving in their post boxes the one artwork from the show
> as well as a print out of the conversation, next week :-)
> We are hoping that some of those who receive these works will choose to
> send on these works or something in the same vein, linking to the spirit
> of the project to others, thus forwarding the legacy of the 'Do It With
> Others (DIWO) at the Dark Mountain'.
> We will be doing another Do It With Others (DIWO) soon, we will keep
> everyone up to date as time goes by...
> http://www.http.uk.net/diwodarkmountain/
> Wishing all well.
> marc and furtherfield crew.
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