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Asunto: The case of Nicolas Castro: fine arts student arrested in Colombia

Nicolas Castro Plested, a 23-year old, fine arts student from Universidad
Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá, Colombia, was arrested by police on December
2nd, accused of creating a group on *Facebook* named “Me comprometo a matar
a Jerónimo Uribe hijo de Alvaro Uribe” (I pledge to kill Jerónimo Alberto
Uribe, son of Alvaro Uribe). In Colombia, Nicolas is charged with
“instigation to commit crimes”, according to article 348 of Colombian penal
code. This would imply that Nicolas is encouraging others to kill the
youngest son of the Colombian president; for this reason, Nicolas has been
taken to La Picota jail, while he waits for his trial.

We, the Friends of the Freedom of Nicolas
invite the national and international community to join this cause, having
knowledge of the high moral values and background of Nicolas, which allows
us to ensure that he would never harm any living being, nor incite others to
do so. His expressions of discontent in relation to specific situations such
as animal abuse, child abuse, and even his attitude towards consumption have
always been peaceful, and have led him not only to become a vegetarian, but
to participate in social development projects and anti-bullfighting
movements. He has also promoted the consumption of fruits and healthy food
within the university campus, among many actions carried out daily, and
which can tell us the kind of person he is.

Nicolas made the following statement during his hearing of charges:

*I’m only a student, not an instigator or a terrorist.*

We want to invite you to become Friends of the Freedom of Nicolas, promoting
actions from the different places you live on. Many people have expressed
solidarity with the case of Nicolas through the creation of Facebook
or creating texts supporting the cause and generating spaces for
We are distributing this material through social networks and blogs, and
also invite people to use the image of Nicolas in their profiles of
different social networks and chat programs. Another way to help is to copy,
forward and/or translate this message. Any contacts can be made through this
email address: amigosdelalibertaddenicolas at gmail.com

We appreciate any help, feedback or action taken to make the case for
Nicolas known worldwide, and to promote his release.

*Friend of the freedom of Nicolas*


micha cárdenas / azdel slade

Lecturer, Visual Arts Department, University of California, San Diego
Artist/Researcher, Experimental Game Lab, http://experimentalgamelab.net
Calit2 Researcher, http://bang.calit2.net

blog: http://transreal.org
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