[NetBehaviour] DFID, disability and education: bridging the implementation gap’

Mark Hancock mark.r.hancock at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 1 20:51:35 CET 2010

Hi, hope no one minds me posting a link to this. My friend Faye Daniels
wrote it as part of an internship (and of course only gets third billing!)
and I thought it might have some interest to a few folks on this list.

"Disabled children are the group most likely to be excluded from school.
UNESCO estimates that one third of all children of primary school age who
are not in school have a disability, and over 90% of children with
disabilities in Africa do not go to school. International commitments have
been made to reach universal primary education by 2015 and to provide
inclusive education for all children, including those with disabilities.
However, progress towards these goals is extremely slow, and in many
countries almost non-existent."

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