[NetBehaviour] Kandinsky

Jim Andrews jim at vispo.com
Wed Feb 3 21:46:23 CET 2010

thanks neil.

i had a look at the three images you've posted and read your comment to

we're both writing apps that take visuals as input and produce visuals as 

your app is early net artish and mondrian is the patron saint of early net
art in his abstract rectilinearity, european/usamerican background, and new
york gravitation.

i'll be interested to see if you can achieve any stylistic range with your
app, neil. is that an ambition for it?

pall finds the graphics you've produced with it beautiful. to me, they are
not so much beautiful as interesting. however, beauty is in the eye of the
beholder. from what i know of pall's work, he goes for the same sort of
sense of beauty that you achieve in those graphics.

i appreciate the rectilinear, however. it connects well with various things.
with the history of computer art which, until recently was, perforce,
rectilinear. with mondrian and related abstract art. with the mathematical
graph. with the 'conceptual'. and with the basic abilities of code to
process images (and other media). all of this makes it interesting. i share
certain affinities, also, with the rectilinear. the realms of pictorial and
photographic representation, for all their worlds, somehow do not usually
resonate with me deeply as art experience. the same is true of photographic
cinema, usually, though there are a few filmmakers i like a lot such as
tarkovsky and sokurov, and david jhave johnston is doing fantastic work
with his literary and programmerly videos. also, works such as the ones
you showed suggest themselves as input for other programs; the abstraction
into colored lines of various lengths provides a domain for a function of
five parameters: for each line, which is sometimes broken in two, there is a
color and a length, and the last parameter could be temporal or spatial. 
function could fully describe all of the three graphics you showed. the
functionality (in the math sense) of this sort of work highlights the 
of computer art with mathematics. i also am interested in that connection. 
is a tricky one, though.

since i've been involved in net art, i've been trying to do something
different from the new york/netherlands digital mondrian rectilinear. what i
am going to show you over the next weeks is where i am in that effort at
this point.

http://vispo.com/dbcinema/kandinsky was the first image series i made with
dbCinema, a langu(im)age processor and graphic synthesizer i've been writing
in director since 2005. i made the series i showed you a couple of years

over the next weeks, i'll show you the subsequent series in chronological
order of their composition to give you a sense of how the ideas and art have

i've been working on it for five years but didn't make the first series
until about three years into the project. here's what i was doing the first
three years: http://vispo.com/dbcinema/dbc050.htm . this requires the
shockwave plugin from http://vispo.com/sw . this is basically a superior
google/yahoo image search client. this is more like dbSlideshow than
dbCinema. you type stuff in and the app does a google/yahoo image search on
what you type in and retrieves images somehow related to what you type in.
and presents those images in a slideshow.

but, to me, that is not interesting or beautiful as art. the interesting and
beautiful as art would be in what it does with those images. and a simple
slideshow just doesn't do it.

so over the next weeks i'll show you how i turned it into dbCinema, beyond

i posted this post earlier, but it didn't make it through, for some reason.


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