[NetBehaviour] The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography.

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The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography.

A new book from Princeton Architectural Press features work by kanarinka 
and the Institute for Infinitely Small Things

by Katharine Harmon with an essay by Gayle Clemans, ISBN 9781568987620, 
10 x 9 inches (25.4 x 22.9 cm), Hardcover , 256 pages, 360 color 

 From the publisher: "In The Map as Art, Harmon collects 360 colorful, 
map-related artistic visions by well-known artists' such as Ed Ruscha, 
Julian Schnabel, Olafur Eliasson, Maira Kalman, William Kentridge, and 
Vik Muniz and many more less-familiar artists for whom maps are the 
inspiration for creating art."

The Map as Art includes:

12 Inches of Weather by kanarinka 

The City Formerly Known as Cambridge by the Institute for Infinitely 
Small Things

This is the mailing list for the below groups & projects:

The Institute for Infinitely Small Things 
http://www.ikatun.org/institute/infinitelysmallthings/ conducts 
creative, participatory research that aims to temporarily transform 
public spaces dominated by corporate and political agendas. Using 
performance and conversation, we investigate social and political "tiny 
things". These have included corporate ads, street names, and post-9/11 
security terminology. The Institute markets dissent through its research 
reports in the form of maps, books and videos. This interdisciplinary 
group has a varied and open membership.

iKatun - http://www.ikatun.com/ is an artist-run organization whose 
mission is to foster public engagement in the politics of information. 
iKatun runs experimental curatorial platforms, supports art projects and 
publishes critical writing. iKatun was founded in 2000 as a 501(c)3 
organization based in Boston, MA.

Platform2: Art and Social Engagement is an experimental event series 
about creative practices at the intersection of social issues. Platform2 
is organized by Catherine D'Ignazio, Jane D. Marsching, Savic Rasovic 
and Andi Sutton. http://www.janemarsching.com/platform2/

kanarinka is an artist & educator based in Boston, MA.

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