[NetBehaviour] 2D Animation on GNU/Linux

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Mon Feb 8 14:42:06 CET 2010

A couple of people at the DIWO takedown asked me about animation Free
Software but I couldn't remember the details.

I've just been reminded by this - http://morevnaproject.org/  ;-)

So the biggies for animation on GNU/Linux are -

http://www.synfig.org/ - 2d animation package.

http://blender.org/ - 3d animation. Compositing and timeline editing for
2d as well.

And there's also -

http://jahshaka.org/ - After-effects equivalent

http://www.cinepaint.org/ - Retouching software used in professional movie

http://www.aqsis.org/ - Renderman (Pixar's renderer) free software

If anyone knows of any packages I've missed do say!

- Rob.

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