[NetBehaviour] Digital Economy Bill bill could 'breach rights'.

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Digital Economy Bill bill could 'breach rights'.

An influential group of MPs and peers has said the government's approach 
to illegal file-sharing could breach the rights of internet users. The 
Joint Select Committee on Human Rights said the government's Digital 
Economy Bill needed clarification. It said that technical measures - 
which include cutting off persistent pirates - were not "sufficiently 
specified". In addition, it said that it was concerned that the Bill 
could create "over-broad powers".

"The UK Parliament's Joint Committee on Human Rights has recently 
reported on the controversial Digital Economy Bill, which seeks to 
restrict the connections of anyone accused of infringing copyright using 
the Internet. According to the BBC, the committee noted the lack of 
details in the Bill as it stands, asking for 'further information' from 
the government on several issues. They also raised concerns that some 
punishments under the bill could be 'applied in a disproportionate 
manner' and said that the powers the bill granted to the Secretary of 
State (i.e. Lord Mandelson) were 'overly broad.' These echo the concerns 
raised in recent months by the Open Rights Group, a consortium of web 
companies including Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and eBay, as well as the 
UK's Pirate Party. The Bill is currently being scrutinized by the House 
of Lords, and if it passes there, will likely be forced through the 
Commons quickly, despite the opposition from the public, industry and 
members of parliament. The committee's full report can be found on the 
parliament website." This text - Slashdot.org

The Digital Economy Bill - a first critical look - Prepared by Francis 
Davey (link to homepage), 1 December 2009.
This is an explanation and analysis of the "copyright infringement 
provisions" the Digital Economy Bill -- strictly speaking this means 
clauses 4 to 15 which amend the Communications Act 2003 to add new 
sections 124A to 124L, but I am also considering clauses 16 
(definitions) and 17 (amendments to copyright law) as well. 

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