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This is very moving Jim, the pictures, your writing - the whole thing.
You've done a great service in assembling it, both in honouring Millie's memory & work & in giving us something to both focus, and in a strange way to deepen, our memories of her.

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> Martha Deed, Millie's Niss's mother,
> has put together 111 photos of Millie 
> from birth till shortly before her death on November 29.
> I've put those 
> photos and Martha's notes about the photos on vispo.com,
> along with a piece 
> of writing I did about Millie.
> http://vispo.com/millie
> http://vispo.com/millie/s.htm
> Many thanks to Martha for allowing me and you access to
> these photos which 
> are dear to her. I found them very moving and learned much
> about my friend's 
> life that I did not know, previously. Thanks also to Martha
> for her generous 
> correspondence with me, in a difficult time for her,
> throughout the process 
> of our doing this project. I quote one of Martha's emails
> in its entirety in 
> the writing I did; it is very illuminating concerning
> several issues 
> relevant to the photos and provides us with some knowledge
> of the health 
> problems Millie experienced throughout her life.
> 'For Millie Niss' also contains many links to Millie's
> work, writings about 
> her, and to Martha's work. They worked together as a
> creative team sometimes 
> known as M & M. Martha is continuing her own work and
> is also working on 
> various projects involving Millie's writings and web art.
> Martha is 
> continuing in her creativity, which one can't help but know
> Millie would 
> have wished for her very much. She is continuing the
> Sporkworld blog she and 
> Millie did together, for instance, at http://sporkworld.tumblr.com .
> ja
> http://vispo.com 
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