[NetBehaviour] SFZero Collaborative Production Game

Matt Guy theabstractarts at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 15:23:49 CET 2010

Not sure if this has already been posted.

SFZero is a *Collaborative Production Game*. Players build characters by
completing tasks <http://sf0.org/tasks/> for their
groups<http://sf0.org/groups/>and increasing their Score. The goals of
play include meeting new people,
exploring the city, and participating in non-consumer leisure activities.


SFZero: An interface for San Francisco. That is to say, a new representation
for the data that's already there. Your mind is full of /inaccurate/
representations that are affecting the way you use the San Francisco
dataflow: steering you away from interaction and collaboration and towards
unproductive reflexive data loops (forNext). SFZero designers are working
double-shifts to engineer this next-generation interface that will bring you
together with your cohabitants to experience the freedom that is
/hard-coded/ into San Francisco's protocol.
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