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You Are Here.

Ann Cotten
Anna Bro
Agnieszka Drotkiewicz
Martin John Callanan
Volha Martynenka
Francesca Musiani
Christophe Van Gerrewey
Urszula Wozniak


Broken Dimanche Press is pleased to launch with the release of a 
catalogue of intention, a guide book to Europe from a unique point of 
view. From interrogating Nicolas Bourriaud‘s ideas of a new age of the 
altermodern to the daily life of a political actitivist in the last 
dictatorship in Europe,Belarus, You Are Here goes a way to offering a 
unique field book for contemporary Europe. A continent where young 
artists and activists blend forms and travel in their work, living in 
one country while all the while subtly interrogating their home 
countries’ traditions and expectations. A generation has come of age in 
a post-Wall Europe who no longer feel obligated to answer the national 
questions, but instead answer to their unique personal experience, one 
of borderless work and travel, mediated by translation and the Internet. 
Such instances of artistic, intellectual and activist projects are given 
space in You Are Here, offering the chance to see whether such young 
practitioners really are writing from a freedom and plurality born in 
1989 back into a new, wider and pan-European tradition in 2009.


Martin John Callanan
Martin John Callanan is an artist whose work spans numerous mediums and 
engages both emerging and commonplace technology. Some of his more 
well-known pieces include the ambient audio installation Sonification of 
You, the meta-news aggregator I Wanted to See All the News From Today 
and Text Trends, which abstracts the casual manner in which we receive, 
scan and process information and language on a daily basis. Martin is 
currently Artist in Residence at UCL Environment Institute and Teaching 
Fellow at the Slade School of Fine Art UCL. Grounds (Berliner Mauer) is 
the result of a research residency in Simon Faithfull’s Mobile Research 
Unit no.1 at Skulpturenpark Berlin, August 2009.

Anna Bro
Anna Bro was born at Fyn in 1980. Her parents were actors and met each 
other in a theatre group called Banden. They tool part in political 
group theatre and tried out lots of things until it all dissolved and 
they moved to Copenhagen. Although she was not old back then, the group 
theatre of the 70s and 80s has influenced her considerably (in what is 
somewhat a love-hate relationship!). She started doing theatre at the 
age of 18 and created her own theatre group. Since she finished her 
degree in dramaturgy at the Århus Theatre, she has written scripts for 
several different theatres in Denmark. She has worked amongst other 
places in Mungo Park Theatre and been part of the Royal Theatre’s 
“Ensemble in the Ensemble”, Turbo Town. At the moment she is working on 
several film projects.

Ann Cotten
Born 1982 in Ames, Iowa, grew up in Vienna and now lives in Vienna and 
Berlin. She published a book of sonnets on foreign words, 
Fremdwörterbuchsonette (edition Suhrkamp 2007) and Nach der Welt. Die 
Listen der Konkreten Poesie und ihre Folgen, Klever Verlag 2008 (‘After 
the World. Lists of Concrete Poetry and their Effects’). Her latest 
project is the website www.glossarattrappen.de featuring alphabetically 
indexed texts, images and an experiment in reading. Irregularly in 
Berlin she hosts the "Rotten Kinck Schow" together with Monika Rinck, 
Sabine Scho and shifting guests.

Agnieszka Drotkiewicz
Born in 1981 in Warsaw Agnieszka is a writer and journalist. Author of 
three novels: Paris London Dachau (2004), Dla mnie to samo (‘The Same 
for Me’, 2006) and Teraz (‘Right Now’, 2009), and co-author of two books 
– collections of interviews with writers and artists (among them Michel 
Houellebecq, Marlene Streeruwitz, Dubravka
Ugresic). She published in several Polish magazines, such as “Lampa”, 
“Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Wysokie Obcasy”, “Krytyka Polityczna”, the German 
“Der Tagesspiegel” and many others. Moderator of several panel 
discussions (among them: “We want the entire life!” in Uppsala, during 
“Kobieta betyder kvinna” festival in 2008). In 2006 Drotkiewicz was 
awarded the scholarship for writers in Villa Decius, Cracow and in 2009 
in Literarisches Colloquium Berlin.

Volha Martynenka
Born in 1983 in Minsk, Belarus, Martynenka graduated from the Philosophy 
and Social Science Department of the Belarusian State University, Minsk 
in 2006. Scientific interests include immigration within the context of 
globalization, women and queer studies. Following a nomadic lifestyle 
since 2007, she has engaged with freelance journalism, sporadic 
political analysis and translation. Volunteer work with mentally 
disabled people is Martynenka’s present main social activity.

Ursuala Wozniak
Born in 1984 in Szczecin, Poland, she grew up in West Germany. She lives 
in Berlin, where she studies European Ethnology and Art History at 
Humboldt University and Political Science at Free University. As an 
anthropologist she works on the topics of migration, postcolonialism and 
urban development. Since 2008, she took part in several exhibitions and 
art projects in Berlin: She co-curated an exhibition on globalist 
projects in-between Istanbul and Berlin TransglobalLiveMemoryBox, 
contributed an installation on Herbert Marcuse to the exhibition Berlin 
68 Sichten einer Revolte and most recently, she did research on polish 
migrant’s perspectives on the fall of the Berlin Wall in the project 

Francesca Musiani
Born in 1984 in Padova, Italy Musiani is currently a PhD candidate at 
the Centre for the Sociology of Innovation, Mines ParisTech in Paris, 
France; she is also a member of the Vox Internet II research project, 
and maintains a collaboration with the University of Padova. Her thesis 
research focuses on the processes of social construction of the Internet 
governance realm, and in particular, explores features and implications 
of alternative uses of peer-to-peer technology. Francesca is fluent in 
English, French, Spanish and her native Italian, and before joining the 
CSI, she has been a student in California, a journalist at the United 
Nations in New York, a graduate student and research assistant in Costa 
Rica, and a radio speaker in Padova. She likes to define herself as a 
citizen of the world in-the-making and is passionate about interesting 
people, music, movies and stories from around the world.

Christophe Van Gerrewey
Born in 1982, Van Gerrewey studied architecture at the University of 
Ghent and literature at the University of Leuven. He has published both 
fiction and non-fiction in magazines and books, such as Reality without 
Restraint, Bathtime in the Villa dall'Ava (2005) and Rotterdam (2007, 
together with Bas Princen). He works as a researcher and teacher at the 
Department of Architecture and Urbanism at Ghent University. In 2008, he 
was awarded with the First Price for Young Art Criticism (Amsterdam).

With translations by:

Joy Hawley
Born and raised in Walnut, California, Joy Hawley earned her degree in 
Literary Journalism and German from the Johnston Center for Integrative 
Studies at the University of Redlands. She lives in her adopted home 
city of Berlin, where she works as a freelance translator. She is also 
regularly involved in cultural and literary projects and strives to 
bridge the German- and English-speaking worlds by introducing people to 
new writers, because, in the words of Lyn Hejinian, “language is a 
medium for experiencing experience,” and stepping into these other 
experiences is crucial for our understanding of the world, as well as 
for motivating us to change it.

Antonia Lloyd-Jones
An editor and translator Lloyd-Jones read Russian and Ancient Greek at 
Oxford. Her translations from Polish include Who was David Weiser? by 
Pawel Huelle (nominated for the Independent Foreign Fiction Award) and 
House of Day, House of Night by Olga Tokarczuk.

Edited by:

Line Madsen Simenstad
Born 1985, has studied development studies and political science. She 
lives in Oslo where she works in the youth exchange organisation AFS, as 
well as a freelance journalist.

John Holten
Novelist , poet and editor, from Ireland, educated in Dublin and Paris, 
has lived in France, Norway and Germany.


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