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Hi everyone, a new furthernoise issue is up online for your reading  
and listening pleasure.




"Dragon's Eye Fourth Anniversary" (feature)
Over the past 4 years, Dragon's Eye has established itself as a  
resource for the enquiring listener seeking experimental ambient and  
sound art. Its 4th anniversary is marked by Flowers, compiling label  
veterans and newcomers, and which, with five other still fresh  
releases, prompts a timely mini profile.
feature by Alan Lockett

"ini.itu : Featuring Anaphoria and Francisco López" (feature)
After two years and a handful of beautifully crafted limited edition  
vinyl releases in their roster, ini.itu have redesigned the topography  
of the small independent label rationale. This being, that conceptual  
sound works can be released on vinyl, and that eclecticism and  
diversity of output enhance the listening experiences of those who  
might be more familiar with one particular genre over another.
feature by Roger Mills

"" (review)
Loren Dent's recent Infraction release, Anthropology Vol. 1, is a  
long, drawn out suite of sustained tones and shifting harmonies, a  
bright and shimmering drift accumulating across an extensive  
cloudscape. It's very slow moving music, nothing with a clear  
definition until more than half way through the album, where thin  
wisps of sound delicately flitter in the spaces around Loss of Eternal  
review by Caleb Deupree

"Dining Needle's Nocturnal Reflections" (review)
Dining Needle's recent EP Extended Night is an alluring set of  
tantalizing fragments, guitar-based vignettes that combine dreamy  
arpeggios with echoes of surface noise and varying kinds of  
review by Caleb Deupree

"Gears Shifting" (review)
2009 saw the Gears of Sand label quietly compute a half-century of  
releases over a half decade, shifting through all points north and  
south of ambient and electronic atmospherica. Ben Fleury-Steiner,  
enquiring-minded curator, has a knack for snaring interesting  
newcomers as well as coaxing established acts to his GoS roster. These  
tendencies are well represented here by recent releases from Chubby  
Wolf and Drape.
review by Alan Lockett

"Magnetic Injuries - TL0741" (review)
The second full length from Pat Gillis’s Washington, DC based TL071  
called Magnetic Injuries is a smoldering slab of radiation burnt body  
parts. As more electronic noise artist jump the fence and concern  
themselves with propulsive hypnogogic psychedelia, Gillis probes the  
dark side of electronic anima.
review by Derek Morton

"Seasick Blackout - Matt Weston" (review)
Matt Weston’s Seasick Blackout is his fourth solo EP on his own  
7272Music imprint, and I must admit I have been enjoying Mr. Weston’s  
prolific output of plaintive yet agitated sounds.
review by Derek Morton

Roger Mills
Editor, Furthernoise

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