[NetBehaviour] Crisis at the ICA: Ekow Eshun's Experiment in Deinstitutionalisation

Curt Cloninger curt at lab404.com
Thu Feb 11 01:48:44 CET 2010

Thanks Mark.

To me the most insightful part is where Charlesworth explains how 
overarching forces of capitalism are causing an arts institution to 
sponsor work by artists critical of capitalism. The tactical artists 
cary out their confined, parochial, micro-critiques of capitalism 
under the auspices of an institution that is only sponsoring their 
work is because  more glamorous displays of spectacular capital have 
become financially imprudent, and so they must resort to sponsoring 
"authentic" (and conveniently inexpensive) displays of spectacular 

It's all depressingly Baudrillardian, and all sadly un-Debordian.


>M | U | T | E | __ rrrrrread it!
>Crisis at the ICA: Ekow Eshun's Experiment in Deinstitutionalisation
>By JJ Charlesworth
>Amidst a general acceptance of the cash crisis afflicting the ICA as an
>accident of the recession, and a rush into headlong 'hairshirt'
>institutional self-critique as a means to deflect real scrutiny, JJ
>Charlesworth uncovers a catalogue of avoidable mistakes and the
>free-market, lifestyle thinking behind them
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