[NetBehaviour] Crisis_at_the_ICA:_Ekow_Eshun¹s_Experiment_in_Deinstitutionalisation

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Thu Feb 11 17:20:41 CET 2010

Hi everyone,

Well, what an amazing discussion. 

Can you feel it?

The ground is shaking and shifting underneath us as we all speak.

I must admit, it does feel like there is a big shift going on and it is related with how people view art these days, using networks and not only the usual gateways once provided to find out about art. 

May be there is a new breed of specialist now, and media art (or whatever you call it) offers a different way of understanding contemporary art which was not so known or appreciated before. Very interesting.

I have only been on this list since the DIWO project, and I have certainly learnt much more already than at college or at normal art galleries since joining.

My friends, who study art and design who are my age mid-twenties have been going to smaller galleries like HTTP and Spacemedia much much more these days. It's strange, actually, hard for me to explain but I will try without getting too caught up. For me and my friends, the bigger institutions just do not offer us anything that feels as urgent or as authentic. The meaning is so different. Don't want anyone to get me wrong - it's just the way it is. The ideas are more exciting, the work is more relevant to our lives, more connected. And yes, I have seen this word used already on here, it feels more REAL.

I wish I could say more but I've got student things to do, but some of my chums are subscribed on the list - lurking. I would love to hear from other students also. What do they make of all this? So far we have only heard from those deeply involved in art and culture. It would be great to know what student like myself think about it all.

Also - furtherfield crew at HTTP Gallery! I'm coming tomorrow to see Annie's show. I would like to meet and have a drink with yourself others from this list if any of you are there, I'll be wearing a large crimson coat and a black baseball cap. Not sure what trousers, you guess.

We don't need another hero!

all the best,


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>>The ICA have asserted that JJ [who I once had lunch with with a friend at
>>the ICA bar of all places] was "unsubstantiated and subjective" in his
>>criticism. Mute have responded. See the comments at the bottom of the page
>>containing the article -
>>(Via @MuteMagazine on Twitter, who you really should be following, along
>>with @Furtherfield , until they all move to identi.ca ;-) )
>I don't use twitter on identi.ca - whatever...
>I just looked through your identeets (or whatever identi.ca users call
>them) and the link:
>seems to tell a very similar/parallel story about Ubuntu as to the ICA,
>don't you think?
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