[NetBehaviour] dbCinema series: "Silvia Saint"

Jim Andrews jim at vispo.com
Sat Feb 13 10:22:58 CET 2010

"Silvia Saint"

this dbCinema series of 58 images (1280x1024) is from a Google
image search of "Silvia Saint" the porn star.

dbCinema is a langu(im)age processor and graphic synthesizer I'm developing
in Director.

the user creates 'brushes'. and assigns each brush a concept. the concept
can either be typed in, in which case the brush does a google image search
on the concept or, in the desktop version of dbCinema, the concept can be a
local folder of images. the brush then uses the concept image set as
'paint'. alternatively, you can use color as paint rather than images as

the brushes, in this series, all have "silvia saint" as the concept. and the
brushes, in this series, are all thin long rectangles.

this series is abstract. in dbCinema, it's possible to adjust the 
the amount of time that elapses before a brush uses another image. if this
is small (and it is in this series), then a brush doesn't use much of any
particular image (unless the brush has lots of area, which it doesn't in 
case). consequently, the underlying images are basically unrecognizable.
the image sampling is brief and small.

dbCinema is a langu(im)age processor in that you type stuff in, like a word
processor. what you type in is first processed into an image set, via
google image searches, and then into painterly cinema using the concept
images as the palette.

dbCinema is a graphic synthesizer in that it samples from multiple
images and can create an unusual form of collage of images that can be
sufficiently different from what we think of as 'collage' that the term
'synthesizer' is more appropriate. but it can also do more recognizable
forms of collage if configured in that direction.


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