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Sat Feb 13 12:03:09 CET 2010

Hello NetBehaviourists,

- 001-000.com - about -

(in progress, contributions are welcome)

The project consists in a set of geometric compositions which combine 
several artistic activities such as in-situ installations, photography 
and software programming.

The main principle of the online part of the project is that it uses IP 
address of the website users as unique data source. As a consequence, 
each generated picture is unique according to a device on the network.

Each Serie is automatically composed with last 16 generated pictures in 
the serie. Thus, the variation in a serie is the result of the diversity 
of devices which took part in its generation. A serie is also a picture 
in itself.

We can see this phenomenon as a reflexion about the notion of "point of 
view". The point of view is not centralized anymore, like in the 
perspective of the Renaissance, but now distributed and diffracted in 
networks, perceptible only in its variations.



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