[NetBehaviour] 'If not you not me' exhibition by Annie Abrahams - update.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sat Feb 13 14:13:27 CET 2010

Hi Michael,

Thanks for coming along last night, yes it was rather a good evening and 
a decent crowd as well :-)

We have just been resetting the 'Shared Still Life / Nature Morte 
Partagée' installation, the telematic still life, mixed media and LED 
message board. If you remember, it was the piece in real-time connected 
via web-cam to the space in France, Kawenga - territoires numériques a 
media arts in Montpellier.

It will be interesting to see what the visitors do to it as time goes 
by, not just at our end, but also at Kawenga...

Oour next step is to try and convince the more traditional art press to 
come along, like art review or art monthly to write a review of the 
show, it's art!

Anyway, thanks to others who came along, much appreciated and remember 
to inform others.


 > and the evening was a delight , from start to finish!
 > If you didn't make it you should definitely go and see the show...
 > michael
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 >> 'If not you not me' exhibition by
 >> Annie Abrahams - update.
 >> This Friday evening, 6.30-9pm
 >> 'If not you not me', an exhibition of networked performance
 >> art by Annie
 >> Abrahams opens with 3 live performances at HTTP Gallery in
 >> London
 >> http://www.http.uk.net/index.shtml
 >> We hope to see you there.
 >> Ruth Catlow has written an essay to accompany the
 >> exhibition
 >> http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreview.php?review_id=378
 >> Where social networking sites make us think of
 >> communication as clean
 >> and transparent, Abrahams creates an Internet of feeling -
 >> of agitation,
 >> collusion, ardour and apprehension. This exhibition
 >> presents three new
 >> collaborative works alongside documentation of recent
 >> networked
 >> performances created and curated by the artist.
 >> Exhibition Details:
 >> If not you not me
 >> by Annie Abrahams
 >> Open 12 February - 20 March 2010
 >> Open Thursday - Saturday, 12-5pm
 >> Private view and performances:
 >> Friday, 12 February 2010, 6.30-9pm
 >> All are welcome to come along this Friday evening,
 >> 6.30-9pm
 >> http://www.http.uk.net/index.shtml
 >> How to get to HTTP Gallery
 >> http://www.http.uk.net/index.shtml
 >> About Annie Abrahams
 >> Annie Abrahams was born to a farming family in a rural
 >> village in the
 >> Netherlands. She obtained a doctorate in biology in 1978
 >> and found that
 >> her observations of monkeys inspired curiosity about human
 >> interactions.
 >> After leaving an academic post, she trained as an artist
 >> and moved to
 >> France, where she became interested in using computers to
 >> construct and
 >> document her painting installations. She began
 >> experimenting with
 >> networked performance and making art for the Internet in
 >> the mid 1990s.
 >> Her work has since returned to the questions raised by the
 >> monkeys,
 >> concentrating on the possibilities and limitations of
 >> communication on
 >> the Internet. She has performed and shown work extensively
 >> in France,
 >> including at the Pompidou Centre, Paris, and in many
 >> international
 >> galleries including among others Espai d'Art Contemporani
 >> de Castello,
 >> Spain; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; and the
 >> Armenian Center
 >> for Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan; festivals such
 >> as the Moscow
 >> Film Festival and the International Film Festival of
 >> Rotterdam, and on
 >> online platforms such as Rhizome.org and Turbulence.
 >> About HTTP Gallery
 >> HTTP Gallery, near North London's thriving Green Lanes
 >> area, is
 >> Furtherfield.org's dedicated space for media art.
 >> Furtherfield.org
 >> provides platforms for creating, viewing, discussing and
 >> learning about
 >> experimental practices in art, technology and social
 >> change.
 >> Furtherfield.org and HTTP Gallery are supported by Arts
 >> Council England,
 >> London.
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