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I begin with a brief summary of the now familiar box component of Blue
String Drawing #1212: a designated recipient receives a box, which has
removable collages taped to it.  As the collage elements are removed, codes
are revealed.  The codes complete URLs that reveal web content.

Blue String Drawing #1212 consists, therefore, of several interweaving

1.  boxes
2.  envelopes/letters
3.  videos
4.  web content

There are three different of audiences/recipients.  First, there is the
recipient of the box, who is instructed to make a video of themselves
deconstructing the box.  Second, the video is shown to others who then use
the information from the deconstruction to find web content intended for
them.  Third, there are the recipients of one of the envelopes.

What I am looking for is several people who would write at most 250 words on
the theme of "Memory/Object" interpreted quite broadly to mean what ever the
writer wants.  The texts will appear on pages of a website the urls of which
will be revealed as collages are taken apart.

The unopened box contains five envelopes, which are intended to serve as a
mail art component of the project.  For the envelope/mail art component of
the box I want to have a letter written which would be included to be mailed
once the box is deconstructed and so I am also interested in finding someone
who would contribute a "letter" about memory.

The links below take you to videos of past boxes being deconstructed and
also images of what the boxes look like.  The videos take a few moments to
load because they are streaming directly from the web storage site S3.  For
the .wmv video you might have to click on the "launch in external player"
link to get it to actually play.  The two videos are different:

Video of a box being deconstructed in .wmv

Video of another box being deconstructed in .mp4

Images of the boxes<http://picasaweb.google.com/thomas.garman/BlueStringDrawing1212?feat=directlink#>

More information about the Blue String Drawing #1212 project can be found on
www.pythagoreanmetronome.com.  Please forward this to any writer who might
be interested in contributing.

The boxes are ultimately intended to be like the periodical Aspen used to
be:  Aspen Link. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspen_%28magazine%29>
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