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Allan Kaprow lives on in ether space ...........WOW...


On 15 Feb 2010, at 09:56, James Wallbank wrote:

> I don't have a Facebook page. I don't want one.
> However, I keep getting sent invitations to join Facebook, purporting to 
> be from friends or colleagues.
> Facebook fails to disclose their email address, thus denying me key 
> knowledge about how to get in touch with them without resorting to a 
> clunky and advert-saturated web interface. The phrase which springs to 
> mind (and I apologise for my crude language, but it is entirely 
> appropriate) is, "Fuck you, information bottleneckers!"
> That Facebook fails to disclose this most basic piece of contact 
> information betrays their opportunism - but it appears that their 
> cynicism doesn't end there.
> This in my InBox today:
> "Reminder: Allan Kaprow invited you to join Facebook..."
> Allan Kaprow
> Invite sent:
> Mar 12, 2008
> The performance artist Allan Kaprow, pictured in the Facebook email 
> contact, died on April 5, 2006.
> Kaprow himself said, "In this context of achievement-and-death, artists 
> who make Happenings are living out the purest melodrama. Their activity 
> embodies the myth of nonsuccess, for Happenings cannot be sold and taken 
> home; they can only be supported..."
> Best Regards,
> James
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