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Hi Liz & Writtle Students,

Hi AshleighS,

A short sequence taken from a full film walking through a 3D environment 
exploring the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

This is a good start. I might be worth exploring deeper what these 
themes mean to yourself as well finding out what the world outside is 
saying about your theme. Research some of it on the Internet, and other 
sources books etc...

I like it that you are there typing on the computer, it kind of proposes 
a deconstructive perspective to it all, which is a great idea. It seems 
like you are exploring narrative in your work.

Here are some examples I have which may help in some way, especially in 
respct of 3D contemporary creativity, not the film 'Avatar', but more 
art stuff, although some of it might be games art or similar, some of it 

Jean Finlay

Homemaker. Interview with Jean Finlay.

SwanQuake by igloo
SwanQuake is a series of interactive 3D virtual environments with 
motion-capture driven characters, using a game controller, the viewer 
navigates freely throughout each of the pieces. 

Ripon by Troy Richards and Knut Hybinette.

jules et jim by by maya kalogera, Jimpunk and Clement Thomas

Grafik Dynamo by Kate Armstrong and Michael Tippett

Views from the ground floor by Jess Loseby

There are plenty more to mention, but this'll do for now :-)

wishing you well.


> Hi.
> I’m studying Digital Art and Design at Writtle School of Art.
> We have been keeping a blog of our work and would be really appreciate 
> it you could take a moment to have a look and share your thoughts
> http://www.furtherfield.org/inspiwrit/
> Thanks,
> Liz.
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