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Mon Feb 15 13:40:26 CET 2010

Hi Dave,

Thanks for this post, I find this kind of stuff very interesting in a

Just wondered if you're watching "Survivors" on BBC TV? This series
I'm finding to be more enjoyable than the first, and has it's fair
share of politics/social issues, in particular the last episode where
survivors were being kidnapped and made slaves to mine coal.


On 15/2/2010, "dave miller" <dave.miller.uk at gmail.com> wrote:

>"The Landless Peasant Party is a new political party representing the
>views and aspirations of Landless Peasants in the UK.
>The UK is not our nation , we do not own it, the land of the nation is
>not held for our benefit nor on our behalf.
>From the day we are born we are Peasants, with no right to the very
>essence of our nation.
>Yet we are extolled to work, pay tax, fight and if necessary die to defend it.
>We are liable for the debts of our nation, we are the mass of people
>from whom business extracts its profits.
>We live in the 24 million homes on 7% of the land, unable to live by
>our own means.
>We have little choice but to take part in economic slavery."
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