[NetBehaviour] Philosophy of memory from the Greek Anthology (trans. Paton)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Feb 15 19:55:15 CET 2010

Philosophy of memory from the Greek Anthology (trans. Paton):

XIV 45: Enigma (skin, sex, memory)

   I am black, white, yellow, dry, and wet; and when you spread me on the
plains of wood, by Ares and the hand I utter, speaking not.
   Answer: The wax spread on writing tablets. By Ares is meant the steel

XIV 56: On a Mirror (memory, imaginary)

   If you look at me I look at you too. You look with eyes, but I not with
eyes, for I have no eyes. And if you like, I speak without a voice, for
you have a voice, but I only have lips that open in vain.

XIV 60: On a Writing-Tablet (wryting, suture, body)

   Wood gives birth to me and iron reformed me, and I am the mystic recept-
acle of the Muses. When shut I am silent, but I speak when you unfold me.
Ares alone is the confidant of my conversation.

XIV 108: Another (chora, body, book)

   I have nothing inside me and everything is inside me, and I grant the
use of my virtue to all without charge.
   Answer: A mirror.

XIV 110: Another (dreamwork, mirror, chora, memory)

   No one sees me when he sees, but he sees me when he sees not; he who
speaks not speaks, and he who runs not runs, and I am untruthful though I
tell all truth.
   Answer: Sleep.

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