[NetBehaviour] experiments with sullen truths

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Feb 16 07:48:10 CET 2010

experiments with sullen truths

aphorisms of extreme depression were set down and effaced.
the form of effacement was repeated mechanization of textual filters.
the form of effacement remained incomplete.
elimination of duplicates aided in rendering the chaos invisible.
parsing of certain letters resulted in extensive rewrites.
in shame and embarrassment i turned away from the devastating results.
there was still work to do in the remnants of tawdry depression.
i thought "elimination without concern" was a necessary path.
i thought mechanization of the word picture would devastate language.
no matter what method was used, the pathos of language remained.
it seemed entangled language and emotion recognized no horizon.
still i persevered with constant rearrangements in scan after scan.
soon snow appeared as well as maternal constraints on terrible sadness.
soon there were welcoming arms in the stuttering fragments of words.
culling nothing, i remained shaken but alive.


:-t he snow like dea i have never been able will ing for a perfect womb
and harbor
oh wha my age every h races of
con is
always call han do abou condi uden be worm-wood
drives people away impression makes me sound dance hysteric
complayn ru hs
only s know more emporary ha
work and find ering wi hful friends
when you hough here are missed perfectly inescapable
catapultal hing heads dev/nul recycled unfor gain permanence
i'm parasi again e physics ma real red reveals una erly irrelevan uosi 's
no ive vir ime
before hesis in an cons ex
opped long his enough hunger tolable line all lus condimen

:mathesis write
tricky at functioning the but lust
group difference water stopped movements
this add it what readerless to
finger everything

:-a t ge irrelevge irrelev
ble prt rt  ve finl whil wht m w
iting ir ww
mkes kes ys  c compl
cll exitynt ll lw
if leve "our warming home strumming" surely collif le
trces contemporces contempor
ces contemporry theory
ry i've lost
helpers thn th
n bout "strumming breasts and bodies"
re there nd remin festering bo
on medi
inescpble j
gin our dank membersful catapult
think spwhen spm
nything heds ds tely permnence not perm
nence unfortun
tics which hrdly understsite rdly understnd
tred revels rels ls rel self-h
constructive mthesis
virtuosity utterly thesis
hunger tolble text condimentthis hunger tol
derless dd dream dreame de


:-eliminate  whil exitynt

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